Vitamin B Complex: Why You Need It & How To Get It Through Diet

Vitamin B: Why You Need To Get It, & How To Through Diet

Vitamin B is pretty cool. It’s what makes skin appear smooth and hair look shiny. It’s what keeps our thyroid gland rocking, thus all metabolic functions. It’s involved in metabolizing fats and proteins, the formulation of red blood cells. And it’s darn important for allowing our nervous system to work right. (1, 234).

On top of that, it’s a water-soluble vitamin.

What does that mean?

Like Vitamin C, these vitamins are dissolved in water and not stored in the body. Which means two things:

  • This makes it hard to get too much of them –  especially from diet.(5)
  • They need to be replenished every day since they are flushed through our system during digestion, from being stored too long, or exposed to too much heat during cooking.

How does this apply to lowering your stress, balancing out hormones and fixing your “broken brain”?

  1. The positive affects the B Vitamins have on your nervous system aid in healthy communication within the body giving way for a positive feedback loop of neurotransmitters and hormones.
  2. A healthy metabolism represents a healthy Thyroid Gland which aids in how we respond to stress.
  3. Many of the foods that can suit your vitamin B stores are high in many other nutrients which aid in lowering stress.
  4. Psychiatric diseases such as depression and anxiety have been linked with certain vitamin B deficiencies (6). This can allow us to conclude, that getting enough of the vitamin B’s will allow us to enhance our mood and our stress levels.
  5. Helps convert the food you eat into the proper fuel for all the body’s functions.

Vitamin B is imperative for health and overall well-being.

Welcome The Vitamin B Family

The vitamin B family consists of 8 different vitamins. With that said, they are also known as a vitamin B complex.

Let’s dig into how each and every one of them impacts and helps regulate our health.


Or vitamin B1, is necessary to provide the cellular energy you get from the food you eat. Also, it i very important in healthy nervous system functioning.


B2, riboflavin aids in cellular energy production.


Niacin, or vitamin B3 supports cardiovascular health and is involved in the production of cellular energy.

Pantothenic Acid

Vitamin B5 which is also responsible for aiding in the production of cellular energy.

Vitamin B6

Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) is responsible for the metabolizing of amino acids and glycogen (the body’s storage from glucose).

Vitamin B6 is responsible for over 100 cellular reactions throughout the body. Namely, B6 is required for red blood cell formulation, nervous system function, and is also crucial in its role for converting tryptophan (an amino acid from foods) into serotonin – a vital process that needs to take place in order for relaxation to come take place.

Therefore you can say vitamin B6 is a required nutrient for calming down towards the end of the day, and therefore falling asleep.


This is the stuff that gives us luscious wavy locks, strong nails for tearing apart old high-school textbooks (I always hated high school calculus ;)), and smooth skin.

Vitamin B7, or Biotin is also responsible in the regulation and metabolic functioning in digesting fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.


Vitamin B9, folate is very important during the fetul period (when we’re in the womb) – allowing our nervous system to function properly as babies. Along with that, it is responsible for an adequate birth weight, normal/healthy devlopment of the face and heart, and for the formulation of the neural tube. (7).

Needless to say, it is also important in promoting a healthy nervous system as we age.

Vitamin B12

Also known in the medical world as cobalamin, is important in providing communication within our body to produce the necessary cellular energy, regulates DNA synthesis, normal nervous system functioning, and proper red blood cell formulation. (8).

Another interesting function of vitamin B12 is that it is a potent energy booster, a mood stabilizer, and deficiencies in it has been linked to many diseases (9).

There’s a lot of Vitamin B’s And I’d Say They’re All Important

8 to be correct, in keeping track of each and every one and how they perform isn’t what’s going to lower your stress. Consuming them, will however, and getting them through diet/naturally (like everything) should be your first route.

The Only 3 Foods You Need To Cover All Your Vitamin B (Your Natural B-Complex)

1. Eggs 

Eggs are a good source of all the vitamin B's.Really the egg yolk, that’s where its at. Egg’s are abundant in many stress-reducing nutrients (choline, dietary cholesterol, monounsatruated and saturated fats, the list goes on). You can very well conclude that eggs are a stress-reducing superfood and considerably a natural multivitamin (as they contain 22 of the 23 essential nutrients).

With that, eggs are very high in several key vitamin B’s:

Just 100g of egg yolks contain…

  • 12% RDA of vitamin B1.
  • 31% RDA of vitamin B2.
  • 30% RDA of vitamin B5.
  • 18% RDA of vitamin B6.
  • 37% RDA of vitamin B9.
  • 32% RDA of vitamin B12.

(Statistics from

100g’s of egg yolks would be the equivalent of about 3 whole eggs. If you haven’t added eggs into your diet yet, what’s your excuse? They’re high in so many nutrients and vitamins including fat-soluble vitamin D, vitamin K2, vitamin E and nutrients such as calcium and glutathione-boosting selenium (a potent antioxidant – a strong stress-reducer) (10).

2. Beef Liver

Or just good ol’ beef, if you can’t take liver. I actually eat liver only once a week and this keeps my vitamin B levels soaring and in the healthy range.

Just 100 grams of Beef Liver contains:

  • 13% RDA vitamin B1.
  • 162% RDA vitamin B2.
  • 66% RDA of vitamin B3.
  • 72% RDA of vitamin B5.
  • 54% RDA of vitamin B6.
  • 72% RDA of vitamin B9.
  • 988% of vitamin B12.

A hearty, hefty dose of many of the B-Vitamins. Something to consider – Beef Liver is impeccably high in B12 (which ins’t a problem since its water-soluble) but is also very high in active vitamin A. So, eating too much is possible – don’t go overboard (a good goal is to eat beef liver once or twice a week, 4 oz each time).

Once again, a stress-reducing superfood.

If you can’t stand the taste of Beef Liver and think it tastes like dog food. Opt for beef.

Beef is an excellent source of all the vitamin B's.

Preferably grass-fed considering the hormones and antibiotics they pump those cows with is stress-induced upon stress, from their system to ours.

100 grams of Beef provides:

  • 30% RDA of vitamin B1.
  • 45% RDA of vitamin B2.
  • 49% RDA of vitamin B3.
  • 13% RDA of vitamin B5.
  • 82% RDA of vitamin B6.
  • 6% RDA of vitamin B9.
  • 257% RDA of vitamin B12.

For a quick reference, 100 grams of meat is about 3.5 ounces. So, with just a small serving of meat from beef or beef liver, you can really come close to getting all your needs met for the vitamin B’s.

3. Bananas

I had to add a fruit in somewhere. I love fruit. I could’ve gone with broccoli or kale but I chose bananas.


They taste incredible, sweeten up your green smoothie, they’re high in thyroid-supporting fructose, and also contain some vitamin B’s.

200 grams (which is just 2 medium bananas) contains:

  • 5% RDA of vitamin B1.
  • 10% RDA of vitamin B2.
  • 7% RDA of vitamin B3.
  • 8% RDA of vitamin B5.
  • 41% RDA of vitamin B6.
  • 11% RDA of vitamin B9.

So, not as high as beef or eggs, but still fairly abundant.

Add That To A Mind-Easing, Focus-Enhancing Diet

Vitamin B is so important to get daily as it is proven to lower your stress.

Add these into your diet, along with some spinach, lots of fruit and you’ll easily hit your vitamin B numbers for the day.

Remember, the water-soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin B and C get flushed through your system on a daily cycle, so its imperative to eat wholesome every day.

Eat in a way that you enjoy, cook up some eggs and bacon (recipes to come!), add a banana into a green smoothie and you’re set.

Why Is This Important

As stated before, getting enough vitamin B is crucial for lowering your stress, creating mental ease and curing any “brain problems”.

More so, many psychiatric diseases such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder are directly correlated with deficiencies in the vitamin B’s. (111213).

As you can see, gHaving a high-quality Vitamin B as a supplement could be helpful.etting enough vitamin B is vital for optimal health, an eased mind, and lowered stress.

Getting it through diet shouldn’t be hard, especially by simply adding these vitamin B powerhouse foods into your diet. If it is however and you prefer to supplement, opt for a quality vitamin B-Complex with no additives or preservatives. Something that you can take each day to ensure proper mitochondrial and metabolic functioning for your system.

I personally do not take a supplemental B-Complex however I have heard good things about the one I advised above. It has little to know fillers. If you’re familiar with some of the content over at Anabolic Men, its the same complex they recommend.

Number To Shoot For

The requirements very for each of the 8 vitamins. Aiming to get above the recommended daily amount, through diet, should be your goal.

Adding these foods into your diet should make it relatively easy to hit the recommended amount. Combine that with a diet rich wholesome foods such as avocados, spinach, fruits, and coconut oil – you’re good to go.

Key Takeaways

  • The Vitamin B family consists of 8 different nutrients. Each one has its responsibility in aiding our nervous system, our metabolism of the nutrients we consume, and keeping stress in the healthy ranges.
  • As a water-soluble vitamin, it makes it hard to get too much of it.With that said, they cycle through our system daily so its important to get enough each and every day.
  • Getting them through diet is ideal, however if you’re busy one day, it may make sense to have a high-quality and inexpensive vitamin B-Complex to hit your numbers while you’re away from the kitchen and enjoying life.



That’s All She Wrote!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this article and give incorporating these foods into your diet a try! I know adding in something as exotic as beef liver into my diet every once in a while has made a noticeable difference in my mood. If you could, please share this on one of your social media platforms! This allows me to reach out and help more people. If that’s not in the cards,  please share this with three friends who are interested in health. Just by sending the link to them, it allows them to discover this information. 🙂

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