The Benefits Of Bringing A State Of Presence Into Your Life

The benefits of bringing more presence into your life.

All through High School and to some degree my entire life, I lived in a constant state of neediness. I had no idea what a state of presence meant.  Always thinking about what others thought of me, letting my mind -a monster at the time- control me. My confidence was shot, my anxiety was elevated… […]

The Spiritual Side To Lowering Your Stress Levels

Half of the battle to lowering stress lies in mastering your spiritual side.

Hey, what’s going on? Today’s topic may be hard to grasp at first. Approach it with an open mind and you’ll see the content’s meaning. I plan to address it in a video on my YouTube channel (Tranquilized Mind) which will clear a lot up. With that said, I wanted to get in on paper […]