Why You Must Avoid Over-Training

Over-training is over stressing

Are you a victim of over-training? Are you getting sick more often than normal? Do you feel sluggish, lethargic, and unmotivated? What about sleep, are you restless at night? Over-training is a topic I believe doesn’t get enough press in the fitness and health community. Sure, the majority of the population does need to pick […]

5 Principles To Support Your Hormones & Lower Your Stress Through Diet

Enjoying good foods and promoting a low-stress diet can be summed up by these 5 simple principles.

What is the best way to eat to lower stress levels? In this post, I plan on addressing 5 principles anybody can start putting into action to start lowering their stress. In future articles I plan to talk more about specific foods that have been proven to lower cortisol and promote a healthy hormonal output. […]

Why You’re Having Trouble Sleeping

Why you're having trouble sleeping.

Are you really getting enough sleep? Are you sleeping those recommended 8-10 hours? More so, are you really getting the right sleep? If you were hesitant on answering those, you’re in the right place. 🙂 In the health community, sleep doesn’t get enough attention. People talk about eating the right foods… They talk about getting […]

What Is Cortisol & How To Make It Work For You

The chemical name of cortisol.

Hey everyone, how’s it going? Since I started this website and the YouTube channel I’ve been getting a few questions asking why I’m on a quest to providing information on lowering stress levels? More specifically they want to know why I’m interesting in keeping cortisol levels low. Well, that’s not necessarily the goals. The goal […]

The Light That’s Taking Away From Your Sleep

The Blue-light emitted from your phone can make your sleep suffer.

Happy December Everyone! For those who enjoy YouTube videos, I published an informative video on this topic. I would advise reading this too, but don’t forget to check out the video! Now to the Post. There’s a reason doctors advise to avoid looking at your phone in bed before sleeping. The say last-minute email checking, scrolling […]