Vitamin B Complex: Why You Need It & How To Get It Through Diet

Vitamin B: Why You Need To Get It, & How To Through Diet

Vitamin B is pretty cool. It’s what makes skin appear smooth and hair look shiny. It’s what keeps our thyroid gland rocking, thus all metabolic functions. It’s involved in metabolizing fats and proteins, the formulation of red blood cells. And it’s darn important for allowing our nervous system to work right. (1, 2, 3, 4). On top […]

Indulge In Fruit & Why You Should Eat More Sugar

Get your sources from sugar is a great way to go.

How often do you eat fruit? Once a day? Twice a day? Hold up… Do you even eat fruit? Wait…Fruit has sugar… So you must avoid it if you want to improve your health…right? Contrary to popular belief, sugar is one of the best nutrients you could consume. This is, of course, from natural sources […]

Vitamin C: A Game Changer

Vitamin C is a potent stress reducing micronutrient.

A Quick Preface Nowadays, you see people scarfing down small sample cups of vitamins and supplements. As the population is starting to become more health conscious, this is a good step. Certain supplements can be beneficial, such as vitamin C – if taken in addition to a wholesome diet which we’ll get into later. But […]

5 Principles To Support Your Hormones & Lower Your Stress Through Diet

Enjoying good foods and promoting a low-stress diet can be summed up by these 5 simple principles.

What is the best way to eat to lower stress levels? In this post, I plan on addressing 5 principles anybody can start putting into action to start lowering their stress. In future articles I plan to talk more about specific foods that have been proven to lower cortisol and promote a healthy hormonal output. […]

Coffee And Cortisol – Why You Should Take A Break

Utilizing caffeine from coffee can improve your focus, concentration, productivity and cognition.

Hey guys, what’s going on? A video is up on the YouTube Channel on this topic, so if you don’t feel like reading a 1000 word article, head over to the new YouTube channel where I talk about why taking a break from caffeine can be beneficial. Obviously, I’m an avid coffee drinker (I love the taste, […]