A Complete Guide To Grounding (Barefoot Walking)


You’ve probably heard of the “no-shoe” movement. You know, when you see people downtown walking around without any shoes. While I don’t recommend going all-out, I do plan on getting across to you the many benefits of grounding – that is, barefoot walking – and how to start doing it in your own luxury, at […]

Habits To Add To Your Mornings For A Healthier, More Productive Day

Crafting your morning routine will allow you to start each day on a good note, healthfully.

There’s a lot of hype right now about morning routines. We’re starting to hear pitches like “Use my morning routine to save time during the day!”, or “Optimize your day with my morning routine”. The truth is, there is no one┬ámorning routine that is going to work best for you and even more, its never […]

Improving Focus, Productivity, And Cognition Naturally

Use these tips to improve your focus, concentration, productivity and cognition naturally.

There Is No NZT-48 I remember the first time I saw the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper. I was blown away with how much the character’s life started to turn around when he took the drug NZT-48. His life focus completely transformed. I mean his life really turned around. Going from being a bum to […]

Why You’re Having Trouble Sleeping

Why you're having trouble sleeping.

Are you really getting enough sleep? Are you sleeping those recommended 8-10 hours? More so, are you really getting the right sleep? If you were hesitant on answering those, you’re in the right place. ­čÖé In the health community, sleep doesn’t get enough attention. People talk about eating the right foods… They talk about getting […]

The Light That’s Taking Away From Your Sleep

The Blue-light emitted from your phone can make your sleep suffer.

Happy December Everyone! For those who enjoy YouTube videos, I published an informative video┬áon this topic. I would advise reading this too, but don’t forget to check out the video! Now to the Post. There’s a reason doctors advise to avoid looking at your phone in bed before sleeping. The say last-minute email checking, scrolling […]