The Benefits Of Bringing A State Of Presence Into Your Life

The benefits of bringing more presence into your life.

All through High School and to some degree my entire life, I lived in a constant state of neediness. I had no idea what a state of presence meant.  Always thinking about what others thought of me, letting my mind -a monster at the time- control me. My confidence was shot, my anxiety was elevated… […]

Improving Focus, Productivity, And Cognition Naturally

Use these tips to improve your focus, concentration, productivity and cognition naturally.

There Is No NZT-48 I remember the first time I saw the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper. I was blown away with how much the character’s life started to turn around when he took the drug NZT-48. His life focus completely transformed. I mean his life really turned around. Going from being a bum to […]

Indulge In Fruit & Why You Should Eat More Sugar

Get your sources from sugar is a great way to go.

How often do you eat fruit? Once a day? Twice a day? Hold up… Do you even eat fruit? Wait…Fruit has sugar… So you must avoid it if you want to improve your health…right? Contrary to popular belief, sugar is one of the best nutrients you could consume. This is, of course, from natural sources […]

Meditation: A Tool To Use To Your Advantage

Meditation will lower your stress.

Outside of being used in eastern medicine and being publicized by various zen masters, meditation is a great tool that we can and should use in our busy lives. Whether its fitting in meditation later during the day to help with calming down for sleep, starting your day off with some mental clarity, meditation is […]

Vitamin C: A Game Changer

Vitamin C is a potent stress reducing micronutrient.

A Quick Preface Nowadays, you see people scarfing down small sample cups of vitamins and supplements. As the population is starting to become more health conscious, this is a good step. Certain supplements can be beneficial, such as vitamin C – if taken in addition to a wholesome diet which we’ll get into later. But […]