A Complete Guide To Grounding (Barefoot Walking)


You’ve probably heard of the “no-shoe” movement. You know, when you see people downtown walking around without any shoes. While I don’t recommend going all-out, I do plan on getting across to you the many benefits of grounding – that is, barefoot walking – and how to start doing it in your own luxury, at […]

Four Ways To Put An End To Neurotic-Type Thinking

Neurotic-Type Thinking; don't sweat the small stuff.

Do you find yourself engaging in Neurotic-Type thinking patterns? Do you get easily upset, anxious, and do a good deal of worrying? Neurotic-type thinking is not too far from what I would consider obsessive and compulsive thinking. You know, when your morning routine is interrupted and you start to heat up. When you forget to […]

Six Reasons Yoga Will Improve Your Health

Yoga will improve your health spiritually and physcially.

The first time I heard about yoga, I gagged a little bit. As an athlete, I spent a lot of time playing, training, and running. Even more, as a guy, I could never see myself attending a yoga class. I would see people come out of the athletic club I was a member of at […]

Habits To Add To Your Mornings For A Healthier, More Productive Day

Crafting your morning routine will allow you to start each day on a good note, healthfully.

There’s a lot of hype right now about morning routines. We’re starting to hear pitches like “Use my morning routine to save time during the day!”, or “Optimize your day with my morning routine”. The truth is, there is no one morning routine that is going to work best for you and even more, its never […]

Vitamin B Complex: Why You Need It & How To Get It Through Diet

Vitamin B: Why You Need To Get It, & How To Through Diet

Vitamin B is pretty cool. It’s what makes skin appear smooth and hair look shiny. It’s what keeps our thyroid gland rocking, thus all metabolic functions. It’s involved in metabolizing fats and proteins, the formulation of red blood cells. And it’s darn important for allowing our nervous system to work right. (1, 2, 3, 4). On top […]