Six Reasons Yoga Will Improve Your Health

Yoga will improve your health spiritually and physcially.

The first time I heard about yoga, I gagged a little bit. As an athlete, I spent a lot of time playing, training, and running. Even more, as a guy, I could never see myself attending a yoga class. I would see people come out of the athletic club I was a member of at […]

Why You Must Avoid Over-Training

Over-training is over stressing

Are you a victim of over-training? Are you getting sick more often than normal? Do you feel sluggish, lethargic, and unmotivated? What about sleep, are you restless at night? Over-training is a topic I believe doesn’t get enough press in the fitness and health community. Sure, the majority of the population does need to pick […]

Why Simply Walking More Will Lower Your Stress

Walking outside has been proven to lower your stress levels.

I remember the days of extreme workouts for sports followed by weight training sessions right after. I remember feeling tired out of my mind and dead beat in between daily doubles for soccer, mixing in martial arts in between. I remember not wanting to do anything after I got home from these brutal sessions… I […]