The Benefits Of Bringing A State Of Presence Into Your Life

The benefits of bringing more presence into your life.

All through High School and to some degree my entire life, I lived in a constant state of neediness. I had no idea what a state of presence meant. Judgments are cause by having a strong ego and a lack of presence in your life.

Always thinking about what others thought of me, letting my mind -a monster at the time- control me.

My confidence was shot, my anxiety was elevated… I truly was living in a state of fear.


Once I learned about how becoming more present to the moment could fix all of this, I shook my head. It couldn’t be. How could something as simple as focusing in on what you’re doing, right now in this moment, fix what I was going through?

My thinking patterns were obsessive, they were compulsive. By the age of 11, I labeled and self-diagnosed myself with OCD.

This is what happens, when you let your mind run your life. It will create identities and labels – you’ll start to judge yourself and others. Bringing presence into your life allows you to avoid this.

Which brings us back to the title of this article.

The Benefits Of Bringing More Presence Into Your Life

You Ditch The Judgmental Type Thinking

Judgments are usually caused by not bringing presence into your life.Living in a state of presence allows you to not judge others and yourself. When you are letting your mind run on auto-pilot, it is constantly making snap judgments and labeling others.

It’s also judging yourself. You’re ego (a part of the mind) likes to create identities. Popularity, fame, these are all examples of a sense of identity created by your ego.

Bringing more presence into your life – embracing in the moment for what it is, allows you to ditch this type of thinking and instead focus on what you’re doing right then and there.

You Become A Better Listener

This one is so powerful.

They all are. But this one stands out.

For years, I had the most challenging time listening to what another person was saying to me.

I would look at them and give eye contact… but I still wasn’t truly comprehending what they were saying. I was thinking about what I was going to say in response (thinking about the future), focusing on a bird chirping in the distance, thinking about what I was going to have for lunch. I wasn’t paying attention.

It sounds insincere… And it was. But this was never my intention. I was truly never living fully in the present.

Learning to be a present and active learner are added advantages that come with bringing more presence into your life.

Something powerful. Isn’t it nice to know that you finally have a solution to becoming a better listener?Bringing more presence into your life will make you a better listener.

Whatever your goals may be – paying better attention in class, listening to your partner and understanding them… These can all be solved by being completely conscious, and present when they are speaking.

A thinking pattern that I use to get into was the continuous thought of, “What am I going to say next..?” (When in conversation).

“The amount of presence you bring in now is what dictates the quality of your future.”

Just focus entirely on what the other person is doing, listen to the spaces, the silences in between their words and when it is your turn to speak. You will speak with every cell of your body – because you actively listened with every cell of your body.

They will notice how sincere of a listener you are and will deeply appreciate that. Dale Carnegie states in his book, “How To Win Friends & Influence People” (one that I would highly recommend), one of the best ways to get others to like you is to let the other person do a good deal of the talking and be a good listener.

I can assure you one thing, becoming present to the moment is your channel to becoming a better listener.

You Begin To Express Gratitude For Everything

Money becomes less of an importance. When you learn to get a radiant joy out of staring at a tree… Your trip to Vegas with your buddies becomes less ecstatic. Who cares about gambling, girls, and beer? You’re getting a kick out of a tree!

Gratitude is something that separates those who become successful and those who don’t, those who have happiness and those who fade, those who thrive from those who cope.

Bringing in more presence to your life allows one to acknowledge the good in your life. This in turn, as Eckart Tolle states, “creates the foundation for abundance”. Abundance can be perceived as riches and the foundation of relationships, personal development, and joy.

I’ve written extensively on this topic, I’d recommend you check out this article if you’re interested in learning how to express more gratitude.

Your Focus Skyrockets

Outside of the mushy gushy mambo-jumbo poetry, your productivity and focus starts to amp up.

Learning to become present to the moment is the number one way anyone can improve their cognition and productivity. I mean just see for yourself ;).

All the distractions, whatever the situation – you can truly dial in on what you’re doing. Building up your fire of conscious presence will lead to more focus.

Just something to consider.

If you’re a student looking for the missing piece to making straight A’s, learn to bring more presence to the moment. You’ll notice the difference. You won’t be bogged down by Instagram notification, you’ll pay complete attention.

Bringing more presence into your life will allow you to focus better and be more productive.
If you’re working on TPS reports for Lumberg (I know I’ve brought this one up a few times but it’s such a good movie!), you’ll finish them before he makes his rounds through the cubicle maze.

Cognition, focus, and productivity will skyrocket when you bring more presence into your life.

Stress Evaporates

I know evaporation doesn’t apply. But think of it this way.

When you spend so much time dialed-in on what you’re doing, your outside “worrying” or any “stressful thoughts” starts to fade away. Who knows where they’re going – maybe they’re going up, down, even sideways… They’re evaporating.

“Unease, anxiety, worry, tension – all forms of fear – are caused by too much future, and not enough presence.” From the man himself, Eckart Tolle.

On a biochemical level, I started to see my cortisol levels drop as I started to practice more presence.

By simply focusing on the action you’re taking right now – maybe its brushing your teeth or drinking some nice coffee – your mind starts to take a secondary position. You start to embrace “being” as Tolle calls it, you become one from within.

The Secret To Anti-Aging

In Eckart Tolle’s book, The Power Of Now, he talks about how learning to become present will slow down the aging process.

Look around you, and become aware of who in your life does a good deal of worrying.

Now ask yourself, “how much has this person aged in the last 10 years?”.

I’m going to let that sink in.

Bringing more presence into your life allows you to slow down the aging process, states Eckart Tolle.Another example is Tolle himself. The guy is 68 and looks as if he were 52. Tolle lived in a constant state of fear and mind-domination until he was 30 years old. In the last 38 years, he has reversed his premature aging that he did for the first 30 years in his life and only aged 22 years.

Do the math.

Becoming present to the moment will work better than any anti-aging beauty balm that you’ll find at Ulta or your organic, gmo-free, natural grocery store in the cosmetics section.

Haha. If you’re a guy like me you’d be impressed with the guts it took to type that in despite knowing nothing about cosmetics.

Lastly, another example of this could be anyone that pays very close attention to how they look. They identify with it. On some days, they’re looking sharp, on others not so much – their attitude and mood directly correlate with it.

This person will age quicker do to the countless amount of days spent worrying about how they looked. This stresses and ages you more.

I needn’t say more. But I will.

By connecting the dots, since becoming present in turn lowers your stress levels and promotes more clarity in general -and stress is directly linked to the aging process… It should be clear. Prove me wrong.

Beauty and inner peace within transfers to outer divine.

A Strengthening Of The Immune System

Another physical benefit.

Tolle talks about this in his works as well. A strengthening of the immune system can largely come from expressing more presence to the moment.

This makes complete since. Colds come up all the time. As a student, my fellow classmates would come to classes snuffing, coughing and sliming just to turn in their papers… Anything for that grade! 😉

People worry themselves sick. When you tie that identity of “I feel miserable and sick”, you usually will feel miserable and sick.

Have you ever heard of the placebo affect? It’s how your thinking patters influence your physical reality. So, if you spend a good deal of time thinking about how eating dairy made you sick, it probably will make you sick.

By bringing more presence into your life, you avoid this type of thinking. You don’t tie identities to your name. You’ll simply accept anything for what happens. Maybe you do get sick, but how bad can it be? Accepting it for what is, and becoming present to it now will allow you to heal faster.

Try it out – the next time you feel a cold coming upon. Try to avoid the incessant thinking over it and focus on every action in the moment. Washing your hands? Focus on the cool water splashing on your skin. Going for a walk? Feel the brisk air brushing against your face. Become mindful in everything you do, I can assure you – the cold you felt coming upon will slowly dissipate.

You Don’t Care To Argue

When you start to live fully for each and every moment, you don’t find your ego trying to take over. There’s no need or desperation to get your point across in a conversation.Brining more presence into your life allows you to avoid arguing.

Peace within leads to peace on the outer level. You tend to cringe at the deceitful thoughts created by your ego like the antics of an immature kid.

You come to the realization that there is no need to jab back at the other person. This presents superior respect and sincere maturity.

More Depth As A Person

In a way, this tags along with becoming a better person. As Tolle state, “presence is contagious”.

Presence is contagious. It’s charismatic in nature. Its witty, fun, and joyful.

How nice is it to be around someone who spends their time in a state of joy. Joy arises from presence.

Becoming present to the moment will add depth to you as a person. A strong sense of presence to the moment, will give way to better listening skills, more sincerity, and less worrying.

That’s the kind of person I like to be around. 🙂


As you can see, bringing in presence has a myriad of benefits. The foundation for a Tranquilized Mind is built off of being present, putting the “thinking” mind in a secondary position and allowing for what you’re doing now to be the focus.

It takes some time to develop but can be done right now. In this very moment, you can start defying the aging process, strengthening your immune system, expressing more gratitude, and amping up your learning process by simply being here, right now. All of which, will aid in lowering your stress levels and ease the mind. A good guide to check out can be found here.


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and learned a thing or two. Remember, reading it is one thing – taking action is another. Napoleon Hill states, “knowledge is putting into action what you have learned.” If you liked the content here, share it with three friends who spend too much time worrying or suffers from some anxiety. I’m sure they would find it helpful and very kind of you. Also, sharing it on a social media platform like facebook allows me to reach out and help more people with this information. 🙂

Also, comment below what benefits you’ve noticed from bringing more presence into your life. I’m sure the other readers would like to know, I know I would!

Until next time,






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