Hey I'm Jonah! Here to help you lower your stress levels. You can learn about me in the "About Tranquilized Mind" page.


All About Tranquilized Mind

What is Tranquilized Mind? Who is Jonah Gates? Why did I start Tranquilized Mind?

Before I get into those questions, I want to first introduce myself.

Jonah Gates’ Background

By the age of 13, I was crafting together meals to support my athletic training. As an athlete, I didn’t want lousy nutrition holding me back. Around that same time, I started to obsess over eating the “right” foods. I avoided eating ice cream with my family on Friday nights in hopes to achieve a better performance the next day in the upcoming match.

Surely enough, I had “self-diagnosed” myself with OCD, ADD, and some other anxiety issues.

I stressed over the small stuff.About Tranquilized Mind

With my passion for nutrtional science, my bio-hacking nature, I wanted to find a system that would allow us to eat in the most enjoyable way – to eat foods we enjoy, but to also optimize our health.

Whether your goals are ridding anxiety, increasing testosterone naturally,¬†improving the metabolic rate, amping up cognition and focus, or just simply sleeping better – I’m your guy.

I hope you find the content throughout the site as informing, but also surprisingly exciting in the fact that you can “eat your ice cream, and you can have your coke too”.

Nutrition is a powerful tool we can use, to improve our mood, relationships, energy, and the way we respond to stress.

I like to think of a Tranquilized Mind as “easy-going”, not stressing over the perfect diet or lifestyle. Along with that, nutrition is just one of the pillars I touch on here. I enjoy researching the best methods on how to ease your mind (becoming present, not worrying), improving sleep, the best forms of exercises for lowering stress.

I’m a big advocate of taking what works for you and maing it your own.

That is, look at the science, the research, the proven habits, and see which ones make sense in your life. Experiment.

One Thing Is Certain, I Do Things A Lot Different Than The “Status Quo”…

about tranquilized mindI entirely believe that you can achieve great health and lower your stress on a downright fun, and enjoyable diet. On my instagram (jonahgates) you’ll see pictures of me downing Haagen Daz and pouring delicious maple syrup into my coffee.

What do I believe in?

Not stressing over having to eat you kale to be healthy.

Not worrying about taking twenty different supplements.

I stick to eating foods you enjoy, and measuring how healthy the food is with how it makes you feel when and after you eat it.

I too, have been down the road of taking a plethora of supplements, drinking green smoothis and eating saurkraught (yuck).

I impress upon you to try eating foods you enjoy, see if it helps you sleep. Maybe it will improve your mood.

I know that the stress you put upon yourself, be it forcing yourself to avoid certain foods and eat the right ones, is worse for your health than just drinking some root beer.


I’m open to any opinions or questions.

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